Our Work

The Aloha Summer experience allowed customers to take a themed holiday selfie. At the touch of a button, customers selected from a range of digital backgrounds with accompanying soundscape, ready to pose for their selfie.    Blynk designed and implemented all the interactive elements, digital content, and sound scaping. Aloha was a great example of utilising and enhancing existing digital infrastructure to deliver an unforgettable experience.
The brief was to advertise new-to-market Bugaboo Boxer luggage and raise brand awareness through engaging experiential retail spaces. We adapted all of the content and incorporated several different pieces of tech into the design, including a digital business card reader and iPad’s allowing customers to browse the range.  Blynk handled the complete design, build and installation of the experiential space.
The aim was to enhance the customer in-store experience through attention-grabbing digital and brand-led immersive moments. Blynk delivered and installed all the digital elements, including LED Displays, Tickers & Goal Post; Integration of our CMS into the clubs existing screens to allow for easy scheduling; Created a branded web portal, allowing the store to add custom messages and team news to the LED tickers from any device; creation for all displays, including animation of branded content. We loved being the digital contractors for Design4Retail on this project and creating these striking displays and immersive moments.
Working in partnership with Ratcliffe Fowler, the brief was to create an engaging, interactive opportunity for passengers. Blynk produced the apps and scheduled the content that allowed passengers to pose for a photo with their favourite players. Our software let customers select from Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs, or a Cadbury FC team. From here, they could personalise their photo by choosing their four favourite players to appear life-sized behind them on the video wall. The app then offered the option to email the photo to themselves instantly. Our software also tracked interactions to provide valuable usage statistics, including most popular teams, players & times, helping to measure the campaign's success.
The brief was to create three high-impact digital canvases that complemented the natural landscape and the terminal's overall aesthetic. We wanted to blend these concepts seamlessly so created the Digital Pebble! A unique double-sided screen with custom LED tiles.   Blynk handled the complete design, development, and technical delivery. Over four months, we delivered three units, including metalwork, substructure, LG Hi-Mac's stone effect surround, and the custom LED displays.
Blynk was commissioned as the system architects for World Duty-Free digital platforms across the UK. Our in-house scheduling team currently program the digital, interactive & audio content for these sites, working closely with numerous brands such as Dior, Chanel, Loreal, Pernod Ricard, Mondelez, Coty & Estee Lauder to ensure their content is in the correct format and running to the optimum capacity. As well as creating experiential areas using eye-catching technology to attract potential shoppers.
The brief was to create an interactive 360° large scale audio-visual experience for the museum's new sound exhibition. Allowing visitors to step into an immersive sound experience and select from different content programs at the push of a button. Blynk planned, sourced, and created all the immersive content & audio, including storyboarding and developing the experience; content creation and editing; audio creation and editing; programmed interactive elements and button triggers. 'Working with the team from Blynk was a pleasure. Throughout the process, they were encouraging of feedback and always happy to adapt.  The final product is working extremely well – our visitors love it. The Blynk team were unfailingly professional and friendly, and their enthusiasm have us confidence in both our ideas and their ability to develop and materialise them.' Annie Jamieson – Sound Exhibition Curator
Blynk designed, supplied, and installed all the digital and audio elements in Dufry Group's flagship store in Heathrow Terminal 2. We implemented a unique flexible high-resolution digital fascia & high-resolution edgeless LED column. We also incorporated Meyer Sound audio throughout and included a digital concierge and interactive 'fragrance finder' display.
Blynk created an interactive spin the wheel game for silent pool activation in T5.  The aim was to grab attention and increase brand awareness, encouraging passengers to engage with the brand and potentially win a prize.   Our contactless control technology allowed the customers to scan a QR code and use their mobile to control and interact with the screens. We designed and implemented the interactive game along with digital assets and graphics.
As digital partners for Dufry, we installed all the digital displays and audio solutions across the main 1,980sqm walkthrough store and collections stores. We supported/worked with Dufry throughout the process, from initial consultations to installation and maintenance. Our in-house scheduling team continues to program the stores' digital, interactive, and audio content. We work with luxury brands to ensure their content is in the correct format and looks great in the space, using the combination of screen placement and relevant, impactful content to guide customers through the in-store journey. We included a number of bespoke, custom LED solutions, including the VIP bar high-level LED ring and three prominent entrance columns. Interactive brand expos in these unique spaces create engaging, personalised shopping experiences for customers. It was a great local project to be involved in, and we are enjoying helping brands make a real impact in the store with their digital content.