Developing an ‘Installed Digital’ strategy is where owners, retailers and brands should begin.

And of course as you’d expect, we can provide help with the analysis so that there is real return on investment.

What screens and devices should go where; why they’re needed, integration with IT platforms, content hierarchy, method of interaction and engagement, the relationship to staff, transactional capabilities, likelihood of desired outcomes and more should be considered.

It’s not about installing a giant video wall in the corner of a terminal “because it looks nice”.  We’re not in the business of installing giant lava lamps for the sake of it.

It’s about knowing how to capitalise on the power of social media, the immediacy of geo-fencing and the surprise of live event relay.

It’s about providing the roll-out plan and infrastructure so that staff are motivated and trained, in place and capable.

And it’s about maintenance agreements, compliance monitoring and reporting – providing global SLAs that are dependable and robust.

From remotely managing and scheduling content on the baggage belt screens, to the minutia of replacing gift-card paper in the printer at a pop-up event – everything is planned, developed, considered and costed.

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