Blynk is uniquely positioned to be the one-stop-shop when it comes to digital engagement. Our take on connected retail isn’t based on theory. It’s fact.

Our international clients have relied on us to develop, install, manage and maintain award winning solutions. It’s about having a holistic approach ensuring that everyone and everything talks to each other.

Installed Digital
Strategy Development

Developing an ‘Installed Digital’
strategy is where owners, retailers
and brands should begin.
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Display & Device
Design, Build & Fit

We pride ourselves on delivering
high quality installations that make
the most of each unique location.
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Environment & Furniture
Design, Build & Fit

We consider, design, build and fit
the environment and furniture so that
it compliments each display and device.
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Creative Content, Production
& Management

The quality of work and attention to detail that goes into our award-winning installations sets us apart from the competition.
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Staff Training, Development
& Deployment

To say we’re experienced in staff selection,
deployment and management is understating
things a little.
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Monitoring, Maintenance
& Compliance

As a global provider, our technical
support and maintenance capability
is robust and thorough.
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