Blynk Expand Sports Partnerships With Leeds Carnegie Basketball

Blynk’s specialist audio division Pro Audio Systems are delighted to announce another addition to their growing portfolio of commercial relationships within professional and local sport, having agreed partnership terms with Leeds Carnegie Basketball Foundation. The new agreement sees the company provide events and production services to the club at their home within Leeds Metropolitan University.

Much more than just a club, in its own words the The Leeds Carnegie Basketball Foundation is, ‘…an integral piece to aid the development of the Carnegie Basketball programme. Our work enables sustained growth of basketball across the city. We aim to embrace all diversities of the population in the communities which we serve to build a high quality basketball future for the region. It is key that the quality, commitment and aspirations of the grassroots and participation tiers marry with those that lie in the performance domain’.

In practice the new agreement means the provision of a custom-designed PA system that is used to deliver commentary, announcements and music to the spectators, a task that is made the more testing by the fact that, as is usually the case in such venues, the space is extremely reverberant and thus requires a particular approach to deliver intelligible audio throughout.

In fact it is so reverberant that we also supply a separate monitoring system for the commentator / announcer / DJ who is located some distance away from the main seating area. This allows the person using the main microphone to hear themselves in ‘real time’ as opposed to having to deal with the natural delay caused by the myriad acoustic reflections caused by the room.

The design includes a number of compact loudspeakers strategically located to minimise acoustic reflections, controlled via a Yamaha LS9-16 digital mixing console. Various Sennheiser wireless microphone systems are also used, and due to the very high utilisation of the hall by many other sports, the entire game infrastructure has to be installed and removed for each fixture.